Whisky Tasting

Whisky is Scotland’s national drink, indeed its pride and joy and it is savoured in many parts of the world.  Uisge beatha or ‘water of life’, as it is known, comes in varieties and from many parts of Scotland, from the smooth single malt of Speyside in the Highlands, the peaty malts of the islands, to the blended whiskies, it offers something for everyone.  Whisky was used medicinally in Scotland and we can all remember our grannies putting some whisky on an aching tooth before you could get to a dentist or drinking some whisky with honey and hot water as a ‘toddy’ when we had a bad cold and that is when we were children!  At our Scottish home-cooked meals experience Hospitality Plus Scotland will show how it can be used in cooking.

Hospitality Plus Scotland can arrange a variety of ‘whisky’ experiences from visiting a lowland distillery, to a large organised whisky tasting experience, to a less formal and fun whisky tasting experience within our homes.

Bladnoch which is Scotland’s most southerly distillery, nestles on the banks of the Bladnoch River in the west of our region.  It has produced lowland spirit since 1817 and visitors can be taken on a guided tour by a whisky expert which culminates with the sampling of a fine single malt whisky.

Hospitality Plus Scotland can also arrange whisky tasting sessions in Dumfries, the environs of Dumfries or at the Whisky and Gift Shop at Gretna Green.

Although Billy does like a dram and is fairly knowledgeable about his whiskies he would admit he is no expert.  However, we could certainly offer a fun whisky tasting within our homes where guests are asked to sample and identify a variety of whiskies.  We could also organise the services of a real expert if necessary.  Transport back to your accommodation would be available!